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Silicone emulsion

Silicone emulsion


The MANA silicon emulsions are temperature-resistant and non-toxic which make them suitable for industrial and commercial applications where the lubricants, jalasanjs, anti-static materials, and protective covers are required. Ease of application on the surface and simple preparation are some advantages of silicon emulsions. The silicon emulsions are categorized into anionic, cationic and non-ionic groups based on the type of emulsifying system. Most silicon emulsions are non-ionic and the cationic and anionic emulsions are selected depending on the application. The physical properties of these emulsions are varied according to the selection of different polymer for the adjustment of viscosity matching the intended application. Silicon emulsion with high viscosity and solidity are less costly as far as the transportation and deposition are concerned and must be diluted with water prior to the application.  

The application of silicon

The silicon can be used: 
  • As an anti-foaming agent
  • As an mold releasing agent
  • In rubber industry
  • In tire industry
  • In leather and wood polishing industry
  • In waxes and Jalasanj production industry
  • In the production of textile softeners 

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