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About The Suvash Plus

Car maintenance and service is one essential part of car owning, especially in a time like now when cars and personal items of people like celebrities are a symbol of their discipline and the fact that how much they take of their belongings.
Are you looking for high quality car accessories?
Well, Swash Plus is the answer.
Some of our products can be categorized as below:
•    Dashboard wax
•    Motor shampoo
•    Car wash cleaner 
•    Car body cleaner
•    Car wash shampoo
•    Car shampoo
•    Prewash shampoo
•    Tire wax
•    Car polishing spray
If you’re looking for a perfect cleaning package for a personal use or a public carwash and customer satisfaction comes first with you, Swash Plus is your one.
Swash Plus has become one of the well-known brands in the arena by producing and suppling cleaning product and product variety is what makes it more special. Swash Plus earned a good credit among others and can guarantee you such excellent options for covering all your car cleaning needs.
These products include high ranked cleaning-polishing items which can be used for many of your subsidiary needs and create beauty as well as cleanliness.
Beside the major share of domestic market, Swash Plus has had the foreign market as they deserved the merit.

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